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Used Auto Parts- Tips For Buying Reliable Parts


People buy used auto parts to save money, but it isn't uncommon to feel a bit trepidatious about buying used car components. After all, the parts come from pre-owned vehicles, and it can be hard to tell how well the previous owner maintained the parts.


That's why we're taking the time to provide some helpful tips for purchasing reliable used auto parts . After answering the three questions below, you should feel more confident about purchasing the parts you need.


1. When was the part I need installed in the junk vehicle?


The reliability of a used auto part depends partly on how old it is. Consequently, there's often a big difference between a part that the manufacturer installed several years ago and a repair part that was installed shortly before the automobile entered the salvage lot. Generally speaking, the newer the auto part, the more reliability it offers.


2. Is the junk vehicle a "lemon" based state or federal law?


Vehicles receive legal lemon status by exhibiting a serious mechanical problem or safety defect that the auto dealer can't repair in a certain number of tries within a given timeframe or a specific range of miles. It's usually about three repairs within a timeframe of a couple of months, or three failed repairs before the vehicle has over 20,000 miles. Because vehicles typically fail due to a problem with a single auto part or a specific vehicular operating system, the vehicles often hold a bastion of reliable parts that are lightly used. Just make sure that you're not buying the part or parts that make the vehicle a legal lemon. To read more about the benefits of auto parts, visit


3. Can I apply a warranty to the used auto parts I buy?


Nothing makes consumers feel quite as confident about purchasing used BOW auto parts than having the option to apply a warranty to each part they purchase. It may sound counterintuitive for a junkyard to offer warranties for pre-owned components, but if there are one thing junkyards are good at, it's assessing the reliability of the parts they sell. If you have the option to a apply a warranty, it's a good sign that the part is reliable.




Before you buy used BOW auto parts, inquire about when the parts you need were installed in the junk vehicle, whether the junk vehicle has legal lemon status, and whether you can apply a warranty to each part you purchase. For additional information about assessing the reliability of junkyard parts, contact a professionally operated junkyard  today.